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» » » The KMPlayer repack by cuta (build 1)

The KMPlayer repack by cuta (build 1)

Author: LeeAndro on 17-08-2019, 20:27, Views: 4

The KMPlayer repack by cuta (build 1)
The KMPlayer repack by cuta (build 1) | 105Mb

The KMPlayer is a powerful multimedia player designed to play audio / video files of almost all possible formats. It is very simple to make sure of it and try it out - just download KMPlayer and run it, no additional settings are needed, especially since such codecs as DVD, AVI, VCD, Ogg, MKV, mp3, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1 / 2/4, WMV, RealMedia, FLV and QuickTime in KMPlayer are already integrated.

The player is endowed with an amazing design, intuitive interface, an absolute variety of settings and functions. All this allows you to create an individual external design and customize the playback of multimedia content so that it will fully meet your personal preferences. It is likely that with KMPlayer, the thrill of watching movies and listening to music will become much brighter!

Build Features
-Building 1 (based on the version of the player
-Patch is disabled advertising and auto-update
-Auto set the profile "Hardware Accelerated" in LAV video decoder.
-Auto configuration of the "Output Speaker Configuration" profile in LAV audio decoder. (Only for sound cards from Creative).
-Inclusion of SmoothVideo Project (SVP) through the KMP menu
-Ability to output audio stream via OpenAL or ASIO.
-Optimal player settings -Added
57 skins (covers) for the player
-Full translation into Russian -Option to
import the Settings.reg file if it is in the same folder with the installer
-Option to copy the contents of the Skins folder located in the same folder with the installer to the Skins folder located in the player's directory
No need to install additional codecs.

Details about auto tuning LAV
The installer determines one of the three main video adapters, and sets the desired Hardware Decoder profile:
Intel HD Graphics - QuickSync, for desktop GPUs from Intel starting with Intel HD Graphics 4000.
Nvidia - Nvidia CUVID, for NVIDIA GPUs starting with the GTX 430.
AMD Radeon and everyone else - DXVA2 (copy-back).
Also during installation, the player will be optimized for system performance.

Tips for tuning your NVIDIA driver for the best video quality
-We go to the NVIDIA control panel
-Click the color settings for the video
-Switch the player's settings mode to the settings from NVIDIA
-In the color tab, you can adjust the contrast and color (not recommended)
-in the tab, additionally select in the place limited (16-255) full ( 0-255), in the same tab, check the boxes next to dynamic contrast enhancement and color improvement -
Again, in the left column of the control panel, click on the image settings for video settings - emphasize the
outlines, switch to NVIDIA and move 5% slider we do the same with interference suppression set 5%. A check mark opposite to use reverse television projection should be, if not then put it.

Additional tuning, only for two or more nuclear processors!
In the NVIDIA control panel we find 3D Parameters and select 3D Parameter Management, in the Software Settings tab look for those or add KMPlayer.exe then set the parameters:
CUDA - GPU - All
Anisotropic filtering - Off
Vertical sync pulse - Off
Maximum number of previously prepared frames - 3
Stream optimization - Auto
Smoothing - FXAA - Off
Smoothing - gamma correction - Off
Smoothing - parameters - No
Smoothing - transparency - Off Smoothing - mode
- Off
Triple buffering - Off
Texture filtering - anisotropic optimization by sampling - Off
Texture filtering - quality - High quality
Texture filtering - negative shutdown ud - Snap
Texture filtering - trilinear optimization - Off
Apply and close the panel.

How to enable SVP:
To enable SVP in my assembly, you need to use the menu I made for the km player, you can open it by running the Menu.exe file which is located in the player's folder. You can also from the start program-folder The KMPlayer-shortcut Menu KMP.
SVP can be easily not only turned on but also turned off without changing the KM settings. The built-in SVP module does not start any processes. Even if you already have SVP (for example version 4) in the system, it will not affect the SVP module built into the assembly.
Screen menu:

Silent installation keys
"The KMPlayer repack by cuta (build 1) .exe" / s / l = Russian
Where l = installation language, for example English.
/ p = path
Allows you to change the default installation path.

Recommendations for use:
-Installed driver on the video card!
-For the option to output audio stream through OpenAL, you need to install OpenAL .
-For SVP4 to work, install Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2019 Redistributable!
-Very often Kaspersky Anti-Virus interferes with the player, leads to the player freezing, or extremely slow operation. You must add the player's folder to the scan exceptions.




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