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It's My Turn to Love You - Emma Quinn

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It's My Turn to Love You - Emma Quinn
It's My Turn to Love You - Emma Quinn
epub | 283.59 KB | English | Author :Emma Quinn | 2020 | Emma Quinn

Book Description :

"Have you seen his ex-girlfriend? If that is the sort of woman that he goes for, then I don't stand a chance in hell."

"Sorry," she said smilingly. "I just didn't want to get in the way of the drama with your girlfriend. I didn't even know that you had a girlfriend to be perfectly honest with you."
"I didn't say. But then I suppose it doesn't matter now since she isn't my girlfriend anymore. I probably should have said something though."
"She broke up with you because of me?" Felicity looked horrified. "I didn't want that to happen. That's why I walked out. Do you want me to go back and explain the truth?"
"I don't want to be back with her," I insisted. "I have had more than enough drama to last me a lifetime. I don't need any more. I need to either stop dating completely or find someone different because it isn't working."
"Oh, I don't think that the female population will let you stop dating completely," Felicity teased, sounding more like my best friend than she had done in a very long time. "Mr. Popular. They all want to be with you, don't they? Especially the jealous and possessive ones."

Once upon a time, Felicity, Lisa and Adam were best friends. They did everything together, they were inseparable. And they believed it would last forever.

But in high-school, everything changed. Lisa got a boyfriend. Adam started dating this sexy blonde girl. Felicity was left alone.
She'd always been feeling something for Adam. After all, who wouldn't? He was sexy, tall, dark. And he had that look in his eyes.

He even kissed her in the ocean. She really thought he could love her as well. But then he ran back to his ex-girlfriend, and Felicity was left alone with her broken heart. Again.
Then Adam left the city and never returned. And Felicity didn't care anymore.

Until, one year later, fate reunited them once more. Adam is there, attending the same university as Felicity. Sexier than ever. And he wants her back. At all costs.
Except, Felicity is not the shy geeky girl she used to be. Now armed with a new-found confidence, she is determined to not fall a second time for the sexy young man.

But new resolutions are hard to keep. Lost in a new world of hurtful lies, fake friends, wild parties and drugs, Felicity starts to regret some of the choices she's made.

Will Adam be able to open Felicity's eyes and show her that his feelings for her are real?

Can he really save her. even from herself?

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