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Autodesk Mudbox 2018.2

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Autodesk Mudbox 2018.2
Autodesk Mudbox 2018.2
x64 | Language:Multilanguage | File Size: 891 MB

Autodesk Mudbox 2018 can be used to create digital paintings or sculptures used. Super-accurate tool for creating all kinds of details you will be kept by the. Of Mudbox software to create models that demand high graphics quality and use. Pens reconstruction program, and can it, when to draw the shallow and low pay details, use. For brushes, volume, and adjust the level of involvement and instead of the default mode for the active compound is used.
When you want only minor changes in your model manager, the new Relax Brush use this program. Twist the tool can be found in the Grab tool can be used to rotate the various elements of your model. For example, you can rotate the ears or eyes or lips sculpted in such a way as if it is smiling.

System requirements
OS:Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1) and Windows 10 Professional operating system
CPU:64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor
RAM:4 GB of RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
Space:1 GB of free disk space for installWhats New:MDBX-7165 Spikes created on auto retopo meshes
MDBX-7129 Crash when undoing after a retopology operation with curves
MDBX-7128 Remove 'Rebuild Octree' from hotkey list
MDBX-7083 Stamp is black when used with Imprint tool
MDBX-7077 Incorrect Undo on retopology
MDBX-7073 Mac: Botched map extraction with default setting
MDBX-7070 Scaled mesh explodes on stroke
MDBX-7068 Page Down crashes Sculpt Using Map
MDBX-7064 Tab key doesn't move between numeric fields
MDBX-7063 Freezing transforms produces double transform on selected object
MDBX-7060 New material should be assigned to current object instead of hidden ones
MDBX-7058 Mesh operation applies last-created material to new mesh
MDBX-7055 Strange behavior and crash with 3ds Max file
MDBX-7048 Error message needs more information
MDBX-7046 Flipping triangulated mesh produces bad results
MDBX-7025 Retopology broken on triangular meshes
MDBX-7016 Page Down crashes dense mesh
MDBX-7010 Color Chooser issues
MDBX-7004 Freeze when middle-mouse-dragging in the object list
MDBX-7002 Symmetry makes Grab have no effect on non-symmetrical areas
MDBX-6968 Artifacts on normal maps after extraction with higher subdivision level targets
MDBX-6967 Mesh errors remain after undo
MDBX-6942 Sculpting with Map on tiling plane produces a more pronounced effect
MDBX-6912 Licensing dialog shows black rectangle on some IK systems
MDBX-6910 Inadequate error message when deleting faces
MDBX-6854 Extend curve does not work well with Mirror
MDBX-6849 Crash when extracting Normal Map from 3ds Max GeoSphere
MDBX-6835 Vector displacement map extract fails when Smooth Target UV set to Yes
MDBX-6829 Surface artifacts with Grab Tool near the symmetry axis
MDBX-6743 Mesh made symmetrical turns black after map extraction
MDBX-6710 Colors are not blended correctly when flooding from camera
MDBX-6706 Issues with linear color blending
MDBX-6707 VDM sculpts sideways on non uniformly scaled mesh
MDBX-6654 Crash after open and undo
MDBX-6649 Sculpted non-uniformly-scaled meshes render incorrectly
MDBX-6628 Vector Displacement map stencil produce incorrect result with non-uniform scaled meshes
MDBX-6622 Send to Maya isn't sending Blend shapes
MDBX-6619 8K paint layer selection missing on Mac, Intel-based graphics
MDBX-6618 Stroke on curve no longer paints straight line
MDBX-6617 Cannot undo object creation
MDBX-6597 Brush Ring & Expanded UV color preferences do not persist
MDBX-6584 Unable to model fine detail after subdividing
MDBX-6583 Hotkeys window: "Draw Additive" should be "Draw Smooth"
MDBX-6573 Color chooser interaction broken when picking a color from an image
MDBX-6434 Mesh is locked after Flatten UV and undo
MDBX-6423 Colors are clamped into the 0-1 range when using the projection tool
MDBX-6422 Image browser displays color in wrong format for float multichannel images
MDBX-6402 Non-uniform scaling with the scale tool breaks normals
MDBX-6400 Orient To surface incorrect with non-uniform scaled meshes
MDBX-6401 Bad sculpting with high strength and Direction set to Center Normal
MDBX-6289 UI Scaling for Hi-resolution (4K) monitors
MDBX-6285 Using the scroll wheel over certain UI elements changes the corresponding attributes/values instead of scrolling the page up and down
MDBX-6202 Font unreadable because of overlap
MDBX-6180 Menus too small on Hi-resolution (5k) monitors
MDBX-6093 4K: The visuals for the settings in the side menus are cut off half way (vertically)
MDBX-5369 Artifacts when paint on carwheel if ptex setup all mesh together
MDBX-5350 Caliper UI is incorrect
MDBX-5159 Crash after erasing border curves
MDBX-3874 Window for face count in the prefs is too small
MDBX-3841 Snap to curve is enabled for Curve Loop and Border Curve tools
MDBX-3184 Extend a spline curve (3D/2D) with Create as Spline off, the curve ring is offset from the end point

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