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Digital Canal Structural VersaFrame 8.13

Author: LeeAndro on 9-09-2018, 23:05, Views: 38

Digital Canal Structural VersaFrame 8.13
Digital Canal Structural VersaFrame 8.13 | 40 Mb

VersaFrame offers cutting-edge computational power (e.g. steel design, concrete design, plate elements, brick elements, p-delta analysis, sparse solver, frequency analysis, etc.) at a very affordable price.

The latest version features new and advanced design and analysis tools such as: freeze all except plane, story drift calculations and additional automatic geometry generators (nodes from grid, member by nodes, shell 4s by nodes and bricks by nodes). The new version of VersaFrame also has ability of defining tension only or compression only members and rigid diaphragms.
Additionally, rigid diaphragms can be oriented in any regular or user defined planes which is a very unique and rare capability relative to other software. The new concrete design codes (ACI 2011 and ACI 2008) have been included inside of the Reinforced Concrete design portion of VersaFrame. The AISC 14th, 13th and 9th Editions of steel design codes are integrated as well.
VersaFrame is meant for the 'average engineer', the engineer who designs 70% of our infrastructure. The program has all the features needed to 'get the job done' without becoming overly complex - keeping you in total control.
General Features:
Inputs can be made graphically, with spreadsheets or via DXF. All model data is stored in spreadsheets that can be accessed at any time. Changes made graphically are instantly made in the spreadsheets and vice versa. You can also import model from one VersaFrame file to another.
Fully Integrated concrete and steel design; see details below.
Powerful editing features such as undo/redo, duplicate, array, move, scale, delete, revolve, extrude, beam split, nodes at intersections, sub-mesh shells, node and element merging, explode members at nodes, automated orphan node removal, freeze except plane and freeze except level.
In addition to the industry standard 64-bit solver, VersaFrame offers a 128-bit solver that provides unmatched precision and reliability for numerically 'tough' structures.
Ultra fast and efficient sparse matrix solver in addition to traditional skyline solver. The sparse matrix solver can be configured for parallel processors/cores and restricted RAM access.
CAD-quality graphical interface (OpenGL) supports real-time pan, zoom and rotate as well as Window, Pick and Cross selection methods. Additional CAD-style utilities include drawing cues and member object snaps.
Visualization tools such as to-scale graphic rendering and the ability to freeze/thaw parts of a model make editing and viewing large/complex models enjoyable.
Command Line Input - this optional feature is for those familiar with AutoCAD. Just like AutoCAD, you can key- in commands, input and set up aliases for commands.
Quick Draw - abbreviated drawing commands specifically designed for ultra-quick command line based geometry creation (members, shells, bricks).
Animated shear / moment / deformation diagrams and contour plots clearly illustrate structural response.
Input and output can be printed directly from the spreadsheets or in report format. Reports are generated in either plain text or HTML format and include both text and graphics.
Multiple document interfaces allows more than one model to be open at the same time-great for making comparisons. Further, each model may have multiple "viewports" allowing the structure to be simultaneously viewed from different angles.
Linear and nonlinear (compression only/tension only) springs can be defined at nodes, along members and on surfaces of shell elements-making VersaFrame great for foundation design. Members can also be modeled as tension only or compression only members.
Named Selections - this new feature is similar to AutoCAD's Group feature it allows you to define "assemblies", which you can select with a single click.
Comments - place notes/text in your model great for reminders or expressing ideas to others.
Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10





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