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Magnet AXIOM
Magnet AXIOM | 2.5 Gb
Magnet Forensics, the global leader in digital investigation software, is pleased to announce the availability of Magnet AXIOM 3.9. In addition to performance and quality of life improvements, new release includes updated AirDrop artifacts, rebuilt desktops for Windows, and more.

Mac Support in AXIOM Continues with More AirDrop Artifacts
With the recent releases of both AXIOM 3.8 and 3.9, we've added additional Mac support to parse the unified log for entries surrounding the use of AirDrop. You can review these AirDrop artifacts on both computer and mobile evidence sources.
Whether your macOS/iOS case is based on intellectual property theft from an organization and identifying how that data was exfilled, or a criminal investigation tracking contraband on devices, AirDrop should be investigated as a potential source of how that data was moved.
AirDrop Artifacts in Magnet AXIOM

Rebuilt Desktop
Rebuilt Desktops is a new artifact that allows users to view an approximation of what a given Windows user's desktop looks like, including wallpapers, monitor configurations, and icon positioning-without having to virtualize the image.
Many examiners, as part of their court preparation, will virtualize images in an effort to show non-technical stakeholders the look and feel of someone's Windows environment. While this is powerful when it comes to painting a clear picture of possible intent of a suspect, virtualizing an image often requires additional software and time. The Rebuilt Desktops artifact aims to help provide a visual reference without the need of virtualizing the entire suspect machine.
Sync Tags Between Artifacts and File System
In AXIOM 3.9, you now have the ability to sync tags applied to items between the filesystem and artifacts explorer. You can perform an export for all tagged artifacts and files and include those tagged files from the filesystem in reports. ​ Check out this how-to video to learn more:
Join Forensic Consultant, Tarah Melton, as she shows off the new tag syncing feature available in AXIOM 3.9. This feature allows you to tag files in either Artifact View, or File System View and have them sync between these two explorers.

In addition, we've also updated AXIOM to automatically attempt BitLocker ClearKey when detected.

- AirDrop | macOS: Added support for recovering available recipients, including contacts and nearby users.
- Chrome | All platforms: Updated support to recover information about Chrome Extensions from additional locations.
- Facebook Messenger | iOS: Groups now list sender names instead of IDs.
- Firefox | Windows: Updated support for recovering favIcons.
- GroupMe | Android: Added support for groups, accounts and contacts. [5.40.3]
- GroupMe | iOS: Added support for accounts, groups, messages, and contacts. [5.35.1]
- Installed Applications | iOS: Added support for displaying version number and the install date. OS 10
- KnowledgeC | iOS: Added support for reporting when a device is locked or unlocked.
- McAfee | Windows: Added support to pull A/V logs from McAfee anti-virus providers.
- Notes | iOS: Added support for parsing embedded attachments from notes. OS 13
- Pictures | All platforms: Picture artifacts that had incorrect or missing extensions can now be parsed (previously, these pictures were always carved). This allows the artifact to retain date/timestamps, file paths, and previews in the Artifacts explorer.
- Prefetch Files | Windows: Added support for recovering application paths. [Windows 10-XP]
- Prefetch Files | Windows: Prefetch artifacts that are parsed are now displayed as such (previously, all were labeled as being carved).
- Rebuilt Desktops | Windows: You can now see an approximation of what a user's desktop looks like, including icons, wallpapers, and monitor and display information. [Windows 10 build 14393 and later.
- Recycle Bin | Windows: Added parsing support for items recovered from $RECYCLE.BIN.
- ScreenTime | iOS: Added support for recovering visited domains.
- Signal | iOS: Updated support to recover the sender ID. []
- Skype | iOS: Updated support for recovering contacts and group chats in the latest versions. [8.53.102]
- TextFree | Android: Updated support to retrieve group and attachment information. [8.53.1+]
- TextNow | Android: Updated support to recover attachments in chat and call, including pictures, videos and voicemail. []
- Tinder | iOS: Updated support to retrieve information on all matches and viewed users. [11.1.1]
- Tumblr | Android: Added parsing support for blogs and tags. [10.0]
- Tumblr | Android: Added parsing support for chat messages. [14.8]
- Unified Logs | iOS: Added support for recovering the unified logs on iOS.
- Updated artifact keychain regex to process any keychain ending in ".plist" and with "keychain" in the name, regardless of case. Also added custom hit validation for both general and internet passwords.
- VK | Android: Updated parsing support for recovering messages and user information. [5.47]
- VK | iOS: Updated parsing support for recovering messages and user information. [5.47]
- WickrMe | iOS: Added support for passcode-based decryption.
- Windows Defender | Windows: Added support for recovering logs that contain lists of files that triggered (or didn't trigger) antivirus filters.
- Yahoo | iOS: Updated support for webmail messages. [6.0.8+]
Magnet AXIOM, a comprehensive and integrated digital investigations software platform, empowers forensics and investigative professionals to uncover the truth by streamlining the digital forensics process.
AXIOM enables the digital forensic process for lawfully acquired evidence including smartphones, the cloud, third-party applications, laptops, hard drives, and IoT devices, and consolidates the data under one solution for better analysis.
AXIOM acquires images of devices, processes the images to recover data, provides analytical tools, and reports digital evidence for stakeholders. And by eliminating painstaking manual carving and parsing work through automation capabilities and machine learning, investigative teams and forensics examiners have more available resources and time to visualize and explore evidence in greater depth using more advanced capabilities such as map out any correlations, and use advanced keyword searches, filtering, and tags.
Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital investigation software that acquires, analyzes and shares evidence from computers, mobile devices, the cloud and more. Magnet Forensics tools are used by over 4000 agencies in 93 countries and has been helping investigators fight crime, protect assets and guard national security since 2011.
Product: Magnet AXIOM
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 2.5 Gb

You must have administrator permissions on your computer to install Magnet AXIOM and to run AXIOM Process.
Note: While it's possible to run Magnet AXIOM on a basic system, scan and imaging times in Magnet AXIOM might be poor if your system has only the minimum requirements. If your case has a large number of results, performing certain types of actions in Magnet AXIOM might take a long time as well.
Operating system (64-bit) Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7
Software framework Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later
Display resolution 1280x720 (min) 1080p
CPU 4 logical cores (min) 8-16 logical cores
GPU Compute capability 3.5 (min) Compute capability 5.0
NVIDIA CUDA version 9.0
The GPU requirements are only applicable if you're using Magnet.AI picture categorization. This feature requires large amounts of processing power, and Magnet AXIOM has been designed to take advantage of the GPU for these processes. The GPU is not used for any other Magnet AXIOM functionality.
Magnet.AI supports the following video cards:
- NVIDIA Tesla
- NVIDIA Quadro
- NVIDIA GeForce

Memory 8 GB RAM (min) 32 GB RAM
Storag HDD (min) SSD
The storage device requires enough space for storing images and cases from devices with large amounts of data (in some cases, these might be TBs in size)
Mobile devices
iOS devices: Latest version of iTunes
Android devices: Mobile device drivers from each manufacturer (available through Windows Update or from the device manufacturers' websites)
If you're using Magnet AXIOM to create forensic images of mobile devices, you'll need to install this software.

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